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Why Can not I Open my Garage Door

12/01/2013 Back To Blog

When we buy a device in Massachusetts, we believe it will last for a lifetime and, hence, we are irritated when we are pressing the garage door clicker and the door doesn't move. We forget that even the simplest mechanism can wear down over time and the regular service plays a vital role to its longevity and good operation. You must keep in mind that the operation of the mechanism is based on the good performance of many garage door parts and, therefore, the possibility of malfunctioning is not small.

What is the most common problem?

The garage door broken spring is definitely one of the most serious problems because it can lock us out of the garage or injure us if we are standing close to the mechanism the minute the spring snaps. Springs work better when they are properly lubricated and usually last for about ten thousand cycles; therefore, it would be wise to proceed with garage door torsion spring replacement before the life cycle is over.

The easiest problem

Remote controls work with batteries, which will last for a certain period of time so you shouldn't be amazed when your remote will fail to work and you must remember that the replacement of the batteries on your multicode remote is a piece of cake. It's easy to find batteries in any store of Lawrence and you should change them regularly to ensure that you will never get locked out.

Why the garage door opens and closes on its own

It doesn't happen often, but when it does it seems odd and we can hardly understand the reasons. Usually the problem starts with the sensors, which send the wrong message to the opener because something is standing in the way of the door. You must clean well the sensors and make sure they communicate properly with each other but if the problem continues garage door sensors replacement will be inevitable.

Why does the garage door stops abruptly or doesn't close evenly on both sides?

Many components could be responsible for these weird behaviors and you will need to take a closer look to the system. You should check the condition of the extension springs, whether the cable is loose or the rollers damaged and the garage door tracks filled with dirt that can prevent the good performance of the door.

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